Pizza pockets

Oh dear, what a WINNER! These struggle to make the freezer, but if they do, they freeze well and make great lunch box fillers.  You can put any filling in that you like, we just have plain bacon and cheese, plus Vital Veggie Powder from Superfoods for Kidz (LOVE this stuff!)
pizza pockets
To make this dough, use the recipe from the Everyday Cookbook.  I like to use buckwheat instead of whole wheat, but its up to you 🙂  If you want to hide a few more veggies, you could put some spinach in the bowl and make your dough,  you’ll end up with ‘green pizza pockets’.
Let it do its first rise, then break off roll size pieces of dough.  Flatten it out and fill it with your filling.  You could do a tomato base, capsicum, mushrooms, chicken, ham etc – what ever you like.  I like to put in a spoon of vital veggie powder from Superfoods for Kidz.  This product is packed full of goodness!
Wrap the bread dough around the filling and squeeze the ends together.  Lay the squeezed ends facing down, on the bottom of the tray.
Cook in the oven on 180 degrees for around 20 minutes, or until your bread is cooked and nicely brown.  Make sure you put these into a cold oven so they get their second rise in the oven.  You could brush the top of the bread with a little milk to make them brown up a little more. Not necessary but its a nice option if you want to go fancy.
As soon as they cool, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze (if they last that long).