Pizza pockets

Oh dear, what a WINNER! These struggle to make the freezer, but if they do, they freeze well and make great lunch box fillers.  You can put any filling in that you like, we just have plain bacon and cheese, plus Vital Veggie Powder from Superfoods for Kidz (LOVE this stuff!)
pizza pockets
To make this dough, use the recipe from the Everyday Cookbook.  I like to use buckwheat instead of whole wheat, but its up to you 🙂  If you want to hide a few more veggies, you could put some spinach in the bowl and make your dough,  you’ll end up with ‘green pizza pockets’.
Let it do its first rise, then break off roll size pieces of dough.  Flatten it out and fill it with your filling.  You could do a tomato base, capsicum, mushrooms, chicken, ham etc – what ever you like.  I like to put in a spoon of vital veggie powder from Superfoods for Kidz.  This product is packed full of goodness!
Wrap the bread dough around the filling and squeeze the ends together.  Lay the squeezed ends facing down, on the bottom of the tray.
Cook in the oven on 180 degrees for around 20 minutes, or until your bread is cooked and nicely brown.  Make sure you put these into a cold oven so they get their second rise in the oven.  You could brush the top of the bread with a little milk to make them brown up a little more. Not necessary but its a nice option if you want to go fancy.
As soon as they cool, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze (if they last that long).

Nan’s zucchini slice

A few years ago my mum made me this recipe book, which is full of all my favourite recipes that I grew up on.  I have also added to this book, but sadly, since owning my Thermomix I haven’t used it.  So I pulled it down from the cupboard, dusted it off and have started to convert the recipes.  This is the first recipe I have converted, my Nan’s zucchini slice.


You’ll need:

5 eggs (preferably free range)
1 onion, peeled and chopped in half
1 carrot, chopped roughly
2-3 zucchini’s (about 370g), chopped roughly
3 rashes of bacon (nitrate free if you prefer), diced
90g olive, macadamia or coconut oil (we like olive in this recipe)
150g block cheddar cheese, roughly chopped
150g SR flour, or plain flour with 2 tsp of baking powder. You could use a GF flour, or spelt. All would work well.

Here’s what you do:-

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Line a lamington tin with baking paper.

Put cheese in tmx bowl and chop on speed 5 for 5 seconds, or until it is well chopped.  Set aside.

Put onion in tmx bowl and chop on spd 7, 3 seconds.

Add zucchinis and carrots, chop spd 5, 3 seconds.

Add all other ingredients into the bowl (including the cheese) and mix on reverse for 30 seconds, spd 2, or until well combined.

Tip into prepared tin and cook for about 40 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted in the top.

Coconut vegetable pasta with bacon

We love pasta, my husband would eat it 7 nights a week if he could but of course we don’t…  Apart from spaghetti bolognaise and a sundried tomato dish I occasionally make, there isn’t a lot else we have pasta with – until I came up with this!


Its packed full of veggies and I serve it with a wheat and gluten free pasta called Multigrain Pasta with Quinoa (photo below).   You can get this pasta in the health food shops, and I’ve also seen it in certain supermarkets.  Feel free to use what ever you like, but this one we like.


You’ll need:-

300g pasta

350g pumpkin, peeled and chopped roughly

2 carrots, peeled and chopped roughly

1 zucchini, chopped roughly

1 270ml can coconut milk

4 rashes of bacon (nitrate free preferably)

1 tblsp tmx vegetable stock

500g water for veggies and 1.2L water for the pasta

Here’s what you do:-

Put pumpkin, carrots and zucchini in the thermomix basket, and put the basket into the thermomix bowl.  Put 500g water into bowl and attach the lid.


Now dice up the bacon and put in the bottom varoma tray evenly spread with the lid on top.  Turn on to varoma, 20 minutes, speed 2.


Once that is completed, put the cooked bacon in your thermoserver to keep it warm.

Remove the basket with your spatula and discard the water.  Tip the vegetables into your thermomix bowl and add the coconut milk and stock.

Puree on speed 6, 30 seconds.


Cook puree on 100 degrees for 5 minutes, speed 3.

Add the puree to the bacon and set aside in your thermoserver to keep it warm.

Rinse out the thermomix bowl but don’t be too fussy.  You can now cook your pasta as per the recipe in the EDC.  The pasta we use cooks quickly so I cooked ours for 9 minutes on 100 degrees, speed 2.

Once your pasta is cooked mix it through your veggies and bacon.  Top with some chopped parsley and serve.

I hope you and your kids like this recipe, I’d love to know what you think 🙂

If you would like to see more healthy, yummy recipes and follow our journey to a healthier life, please find me on facebook at Thermolicious Food.

Cauliflower and vegetable rice (aka fried rice)

“Its wonderful” she says – the words from a three year old.  I have to be honest, as I was making this my heart was in my throat, I had my doubts but I’m so glad I made it, as hubby, Miss E and I loved it.  I’ll be making it again, that’s for sure.
This is my version of fried ‘rice’ without a grain of rice in sight!
You’ll need:-
500g cauliflower florets (this will be the ‘rice’)
100g broccoli
100g pumpkin
2 spring onions
1 zucchini
1 carrot
4 pieces of nitrate free bacon
(you could use what ever you like really, corn, peas, beans etc – but you must have the cauli.  You could also leave out the bacon, or use chicken, pork etc.  If you wanted it vegetarian you could have no meat, and use an omelet).
Here’s what you need to do:-
Start with the cauliflower florets broken into manageable chunks. Put these  the Thermomix bowl and spin about 4 or 5 seconds/REVERSE speed 5. By “whacking” instead of “chopping” it retains the kernal-like quality of cauliflower so it resembles more of a grain than a fine mince. By using the florets and not the stalk, this will result in a pile of large-grained rice-like cauliflower.  I got this tip from here after a google search.
Tip the cauli into the top varoma tray and spread evenly.
Dice all of the other vegetables & bacon into about 1 x 1 cm size pieces (or however you like it).  Put the bacon in the bottom varoma tray, then the vegetables on top, this will ensure your bacon cooks through as the steam will reach it first.
Put 500g of water into the bowl and cook varoma temp, speed 3 for 15 minutes.
After this is done, check the veg.  You still want a bit of crunch and you defiantly want this for the cauliflower, but you want to make sure your bacon is cooked.  If it isn’t done enough then put it on for another 5 minutes at varoma temp but make sure you don’t over cook the cauliflower or it’ll end up mush.
Once done and cooked to your liking tip everything into a large bowl, splash tamari sauce (or soy sauce) over the top and serve.
I’d love to know if you make this and what you think.  You can find me on facebook here if you would like to see more yummy healthy recipes.