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Hi and welcome to Thermolicious Food.  My name is Jo and I’m just a normal everyday mum with 2 little ones.

I started this blog to share our journey as eating wholefoods was very new to me and something I was super excited about. I had recently purchased a thermomix and started to cook completely additive and preservative free and instantly we noticed a difference in our daughters behaviour (then 3 and a half). We then started to cut out a lot of wheat, gluten and dairy and her behaviour improved even more, a miracle right…. She is the inspiration for this page, she’s the reason we all feel better and I thank her for it every single day.

I try to cook meals that suit us all, I don’t cook separate meals so they must suit adults and children. I try to hide veggies in as much as I possibly can, and bake with low in or gluten free products. I also try to limit our dairy intake and eat as many superfoods as possible.

I am still learning so I don’t claim to be a health coach or nutritionist but I do believe in what feels right, and what my mummy instincts are.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and blog posts, please feel free to leave comments and interact.  You can also find me on facebook at Thermolicious Food where lots of fun stuff happens 🙂

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