Milo Slice with TMX milo!


I came across a Milo recipe on the Thermomix Recipes facebook page and I lasted about 1 hour before I made it.  I just had to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Its reaaalllly good!  IMG_4478

So on my quest to for lunch box ideas, I googled ‘milo recipes’ and found a slice from The website.  So I’ve translated it into a Thermomix recipe and its YUM!  Actually its a little too good.


You’ll need:-

30 g linseeds
15 g sesame seeds
10 g sunflower seeds
20 g pumpkin seeds
50 g almonds
40 g Brazil nuts
40 g cashew nuts
30 g pecans
100 g cacao
150 g rapadura Sugar

Grind linseeds and sesame seeds into a powder. 20sec/spd 9

Add all other seeds and nuts (except cocoa and sugar). Blend for 5-10sec/spd 9. Make sure you check and scrape down sides until a fine powder is achieved. If you blend it too much you will make a paste which we don’t want.

Add remaining ingredients and mix for 5secs/spd 7. Use spatula to assist if need be.



You’ll need:

120g butter
140g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
80g milo
120g oats
60g desiccated coconut
80g dark chocolate bits
100g rapadura sugar

Preheat oven on 180 degrees and line a 20cm baking tray with baking paper.  Put butter in thermomix bowl and melt it – 50 degrees for about 2 minutes on speed 2.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix on reverse, speed 2 for 25 seconds.  Mix the rest with the spatula if need be.

Tip into prepared pan and cook for 15-20 minutes.


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