Couscous salad with shredded chicken

We have my sister to thank for this dish as it was really her idea.  She told me she had a couscous salad for lunch with shredded chicken and how nice craisins were – what the heck are craisins I said…..

So tonight I thought we’d have this delicious salad for dinner.  It would be amazing served with a steak, or grilled chicken or fish, or to have at a BBQ – tonight we had it as a dish on its own with shredded chicken mixed through.

You can add what ever you like but we had this:-

120g couscous

1/4 red capsicum

2 carrots

250g pumpkin

2 handfuls of baby spinach

80g frozen corn

100g craisins

1 chicken breast

Juice of 1/2 – 1 lemon

Here’s what you do:-

Wet and scrunch a piece of baking paper and put this on your top varoma tray.  Wash (important) and drain couscous and place on top of wet baking paper.



Cut chicken breast in half and put in bottom varoma tray.

Dice pumpkin and put on top of chicken.


Fill bowl with 1L of water, and cook it all for 17 minutes, varoma temp, speed 3.

– While this is cooking dice carrots, capsicum, wash spinach and put them in a large bowl.  Also put in craisins (dried cranberries) and any other ingredients you wish to use (feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives, pine nuts and cashews would work well too).

Once the tmx has finished, check your chicken.  If its cooked place it on a plate to cool.  Tip pumpkin ontop of the other salad ingredients to cool and wilt the spinach a little.


Put frozen corn in the bottom varoma tray and cook on varoma, speed 3 for 2 minutes.

Once this is done, ‘fluff’ up your couscous with the spatula and tip it into the salad bowl, along with the corn.


Put your chicken breast in the thermomix bowl and chop on speed 6, reverse, for about 3 seconds (or longer if you need).  This will ‘shred’ your chicken.

Tip this onto your salad and dress with the lemon juice.  French onion dressing, balsamic vinegar and olive oil would work well too.  Toss it all together and serve 🙂

As always, I’d love to know what you think and what version you come up with.  I hope you enjoy x


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